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Introducing the all new Share Your Music App. (SYM) is an all inclusive, Invite Only mobile application designed for producers, composers, DJ’s,  audiophiles, music junkies or anybody that loves music!

SYM Suite

Share Your Music, with the world!

Look at your SYM app & you’ll see that you are the Artist! You are your own Composer, Producer, Director and more. Publish directly from your SYM app & Share With The World!

recording booth

The SYM Booth lets you record vocals while Eliminating background noise around You. 


Layer, edit & produce your audio with the SYM Digitizer. Transform your music And Share It!


Recording & Editing that’s fun, Not dumb! With The SYM ViBE (Virtual Inter-Bay-Editor) 

SYM Planner

Plug In upcoming Gigs with the SYM Planner. Then Share Your Shows With The World!

The Mix

Traditional Mixing Boards, Faders and equalizers for all of your new tracks.

The Re-Mix

Re-Mix your Current Tracks With Our SYM VSTS Plug-Ins- Virtual Studio Technology Suite

SYM Sheets

Use SYM Sheets to journal & never forget your lyrics again.  Share It with the world!


Geographic Targeted Marketing & Advertising campaigns based on proximity & Mktg. Focus.


Design T-Shirts, Flyers & album art for your band – SYM can even press vinyl records.


Promote The sound you’ve been building!  Share your music, Share with the world! 

The Share Your Music App (SYM) is Changing The Way SoundShare & Digital Disc Distribution is Managed.

-James Monroe
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