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Intoducing the all new Share Your Music App. SYM is an all inclusive mobile application for producers, composers, digital jockeys,  audiophiles, music-junkies & music lovers!

Share Your Music

Enter the recording room.

Top-tier engineering,

Groundbreaking technology

From Conception to Implementation & Distribution; The Share Your Music app
is your one-stop shop for production.

Write, Record, Compose, Mix, Re-Mix,  Press records, & burn CD’s, then you can.
Distribute globally from your SYM app.

World-class control room.

We capture the essence of soul through quality analog & proven technique.

SYM are the pioneers in
digital disc distribution.

Sessions & Services

Full range of services

From conceptualization to implementation

Inside of the SYM app you are the Artist! Be your own Composer, Producer, Director and more.

Publish your music directly from inside of the app, FREE!

recording booth

Use the SYM Recording Booth to record all your vocal tracks .


Use the SYM Digitizer to layer and edit your tracks.


Use the SYM Planner to stay organized for gigs.


Traditional Mixing Boards


Re-Mix Your Music With Todays Tech


Set a perimeter With SYM-GeoFencing

Digital Composer

Use SYM Sheets to write (or remember) your lyrics.

Press & Print

Design your T-Shirt, Flyer or album art.
-SYM can even press vinyl.


Share your music with the world! Share and SYM!

The Share Your Music App is going to change the way Digital Disc Distribution is done in the industry.

-James Monroe
Grand Assets


true sound true artists

Introducing the all new Share Your Music App. (SYM) is an all inclusive, Invite Only mobile application designed for producers, composers, DJ’s,  audiophiles, music junkies or anybody that loves music!

Share Your Music, with the world...

The SYM App introduces Top-tier engineering With Real-Life Musical Talent.

we share...

From Doodles to Digitization, Production to Promotion; The Share Your Music app is your one-stop shop for digital disc distribution.

Promote & Distribute Your Music

To Share With The World!

Anything possible,
Will Be Done.

The SYM List let's you to create a custom playlist of your favorite songs.

Digital Transformation

We Capture the essence of music through digital quality control.

Analog methodology has caught up with new-age technology.

SYM IS Digitally Tangible

SYM is the pioneer in
digital disc distribution

Recording & Editing made fun, Not dumb!
With The SYM ViBE (Virtual Internet Bay-Editor) 

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